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Building A Pottery Studio From the Ground Up

On an early June morning in 2020 I awoke with the determination to break ground on my new pottery studio building. I had a sketch (ok, I had a 3d modeled floor plan, but that's how I roll), a sort of flattish spot, and all the building know-how that comes from slapping together a roofless green house from a bunch of old windows. A year and a half later, with a lot of help from Google, YouTube, and the occasional second set of capable hands in the form of one Mr. M. Jackson, and my dream studio has come true! It's just steps from my house, the perfect size for one potter (the maximum amount of people I like working in my studio at any given time, with a few exceptions), and oh so perfect! Mountain views, 6.1 surround sound, wide screen TV (usually displaying my current musical selection)... a fully equipped, beautiful, magnificent pottery studio! I really like it, like... a lot! This is the first installment of this two part blog. Part two will feature pictures of the finished and ready-to-go-studio as well as proof that work is indeed being done in it! I have the entire beginning to end photo documentary on my personal Facebook profile, but I thought I'd share a few shots from various stages of the build here on my website. Hope you enjoy!

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