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A new website, online store and something better

So here it is, a year and a handful of months of major life changes. I traded the city beach for rural mountains, traded apartments and rooms for rent for home and family, traded traveling the east coast playing music for roots in a great community and I traded the questionable life of a musician for, well, the questionable life of an artist. There are things and people I miss greatly and things and people I don't. That's it in a nutshell, 20 years a musician, now I'm a potter/sculptor. I follow in the huge footsteps of my father and life is complete in its fulfillment. If you are reading this near its conception then you will notice a site rife with unfinished and unfired pieces. You may notice such images were clearly captured on the finest phone camera that the lowest tier has to offer. And you will have found the online store to be all but barren of product. That's where we start and sometimes from where we start over, humble beginnings. I hope you enjoy watching this site and my skills as a potter as they both grow into something better. Shalom.

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