Hand thrown white stoneware mug. This is a microcrystalline glaze that was put through a macrocrystalline kiln firing schedule because why not? May not be repeated even though it came out really cool. In the sunlight, microcrystaline bursts that where nearly unnoticable at first, become visible. Underneath that, and covering the entire surface, is an amazing fine glitter-like sparkle (without the mess!) again, best observed under bright light. Even under dim light the opalecence is eye catching and facinating in its simplicity. This comes so close to earning the "Premium" banner!


3.5" tall x 3.75" wide at rim
Holds 12 fl. oz. 
Weighs 14 oz.

Mug: Opal/Cream

SKU: MMG00004
  • Dishwasher, food, oven, and microwave safe. This contains a microcrystalline glaze, the surface of which is not considered food safe. However this type of glaze is confined to the exterior of this piece and below the lip and therefore is a food safe drinking vessle.